• Karateke Geotekstil ve Keçe
  • Karateke Geotekstil ve Keçe
  • Karateke Geotekstil ve Keçe
  • Karateke Geotekstil ve Keçe
  • Karateke Geotekstil ve Keçe
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  We are here in order to be our customers’ source of pride by serving the best quality exclusive products.

  While aiming to create permanent solutions to our customers, we also develop alternatives by producing such products that provide business economics. Our quality policy is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the fields we offer service and to get lasting customers by generating the most suitable solutions and by increasing productivity. We try not for the short-run solutions but for the long-run solutions.


  Geotextiles are the permeable covers that are produced from such raw materials as polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon and polyvinyl chloride. They are produced by weaving (woven) or by processing and pressing the fibers of the above mentioned materials (non-woven). They are spun laces which are produced by making short synthetic fibers into needle felts.

Building material (eg. infillings), a support carrying the load that foundations transmit,  is used to provide stabilization during construction (for example, deep foundation excavations or tunnel constructions).

Of being enduring, economic, and lasting has made the geotextile a preferred product which is used in many different fields such as roof heat insulation, storage areas, sports halls, building drainages, and hydraulic constructions.

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